About Susanne

‘To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.’
(Ecclesiastes 3:1)
I have a favourite chair in our lounge room which looks out onto a plum tree. I’ve watched the seasons of my life go by in harmony with that tree. My life hasn’t always felt rhythmic; we never know what’s in store for us. 

But that tree continues to drop its leaves on cue, its bare branches becoming twigs against a cold sky. Blossoms emerge in spring and magpies and lorikeets vie for the first buds. My favourite season is Autumn when the leaves explode into a blaze of colour just before they wither and drop to the ground.

I believe that this is the right season for me to sharpen my focus on writing. But first; in the beginning...

My dad is a great storyteller and I grew up with the fairy tale that I was born a princess. What he really meant was that I was born in Lennox Castle Maternity Hospital, near Glasgow in Scotland.

Lennox Castle Maternity Hospital
Jascha Hoste

We migrated to South Australia when I was a child, where I now live with my husband and four children.

I've worked as a Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife and Child and Family Health Nurse in diverse settings, both within Australia and overseas. Themes of nursing will always appear in my writing. I particularly love the Australian Outback, and this has become the setting for my first novel, Twice Stolen.

I have met the most amazing people through my work in different cultures. Twice Stolen is the first of three novels with a multicultural theme.

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I manage a blog, 10 Minute Daily Retreat  where I share anecdotes from my spiritual journey. The retreats are supported by a team of writers. 

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Walking, fresh air and the chortles of kookaburras, lorikeets and magpies lift my spirit. When I share these experiences with our youngest daughter, I'm amazed at the number of koalas, geckos and the occasional kangaroo that she finds.

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